No matter if you’re a natural-hair traveler or have silky smooth locks, you don’t want to fuss over your hair while traveling. In fact, you don’t want to spend a single moment on anything that can take away from your enjoyment of your much needed vacation. Having to fix your hair each day is time consuming and can feel like a chore. And stepping out with a bird’s nest on your head just isn’t an option.

That’s why travel braids are the best recourse. They look good and they last a long time. Not to mention braids allow your hair to grow. It’s an all around win! In this article, we’ll present some of our top choices for Travel Braids in 2022.

The Single Braid

This is pretty self-explanatory. Among the travel braids, the single braid is by far the easiest to achieve, you don’t need to pay a stylist to do it. You can certainly do it yourself. If you’re able and your hair is long enough, you’ll also be able to to take your single braid and style it into the halo or ‘milkmaid’ look.

French / Dutch Braids

French or Dutch braids are another great option for travel braids. However, they take a bit of finesse to achieve and may take tons of practice before getting them right. The easiest route to take would be to simply have a hair stylist do it for you. That way, you can ensure that they will be done right and tight, as braids evidently loosen as your hair grows over time.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are achieved by a unique braiding technique that look great and are a nice choice for your next travel excursion. Fancier than typical braids, these travel braids are sure to catch people’s eye.

Rope / Twist Braid

Twist or rope braids aren’t your typical braids either. They are extremely easy to do yourself and quick to achieve. That’s why these are among our favorite travel braids to have.

Individual / Plaits / Box Braids

This braiding style is possibly the number one choice for the majority of us because they look nice and they’re extremely versatile. You can style them just about any way, the possibilities are limitless.

Crochet Braids

If you’re not a huge fan of traveling around with braids because you’re not crazy about the look of them, then you’ll love crochet braids. The braids themselves aren’t actually seen. Hair extensions are attached to the braids, covering them up and giving you just about any hair style you want to have. This is something that you can learn by watching a tutorial on YouTube but because this braiding technique is so time consuming, you may want to consider having a hair stylist do it. Also, if you’re not good at styling your hair, your hair stylist can style the hair extensions to your specifications.

Final Thoughts On Travel Braids

When it comes to traveling, travel braids are the way to go if you want to keep it simple. We hope that you found our list of travel braids helpful and if you can think of any braid styles that are great for travel that we left out, please tell us in the comment section below! If you’re looking for a travel agent that can help design your dream vacation, get in touch with Just Pack and Go!

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