So what are the best travel required jobs? If you’re anything like us here at Just Pack and Go, you love to travel. Sadly, most full time jobs are stationary, which means you only get to travel a bit on the weekends, if you can squeeze it in, and when you go on vacation. On average, American workers receive only 10 days of paid time off per year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job that required frequent travel? In this article, we’re going to list over 50 travel required jobs that you should consider.

Our list is organized by:

  1. Global Travel Required Jobs
  2. National Travel Required Jobs
  3. Local Travel Required Jobs

Global Travel Required Jobs

Flight attendant

Also known as steward/stewardess or air host/air hostess, flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.

Travel blogger

Travel bloggers often travel to the destinations they write about.


Pilots fly aircrafts around the world.

Yacht crew member

Yacht crew members work on private yachts that travel all over the world, often in exotic locations.

Real estate investor

A real estate investor purchases real estate in order to build long-term wealth. Investors often travel to look for new properties to purchase.

Travel photographer

Travel photographers travel the world and sell their photos to publications and stock image sites.

Journalist / Reporter

Journalists and reporters often travel to various locations in order to investigate stories and report what they work on.

Freelance massage therapist

Freelance massage therapists travel to various locations to treat personal clients. Some freelance therapists are even hired to travel with private clients worldwide.

Cruise ship crew

Crew members of cruise ships care for their responsibilities while traveling all over the world.

Festival / Carnival worker

Festivals and carnivals often travel from city to city which means the workers do also.

Musician / Performer / Actor

Performers travel worldwide in order to perform their art.

Makeup artist

Cosmetologist who provide hair, skin and nail treatments can travel worldwide.

Volunteer / Peace Corps

Volunteers can work all over the world on projects they care about.

Videographer / YouTuber

Videographers travel to various locations to get their film footage.

Freelance corporate consultant

Corporate consultants provide advice to companies all over the world and often travel to these companies in person.

Public speaker

Public speakers travel to locations worldwide sharing their knowledge and experience with the public.

Nanny / Governess / Au Pair

These in-home providers attend to the needs of children and travel along with the families that employ them.


Geologists are scientists who study the Earth and they travel worldwide to do it.

Private Tutors / English teacher

Tutors and English teachers can travel worldwide to help students. 

Personal assistant

Personal assistants usually travel with and for their employers in order to perform their responsibilities. 

Train crew

Crew members of trains care for their responsibilities while traveling all over the country. In European countries, train crew travel between countries as they care for their duties on the train.

Freelance chef

Freelance chefs travel to and cook for private clients wherever they may be.

Fashion stylist / Image consultant

These professionals travel to different locations worldwide, from production sets to private homes, in order to provide their services. 

Female pilot in cockpit travel required jobs
Being a pilot is a travel required job.

National Travel Required Jobs

Truck driver

Truck drivers travel nationwide as well as across the borders to deliver the products they transport.

Pop up shop worker

Pop up retail workers can work at various locations as pop up shops spring up in various locations for short durations.

Regional manager

A regional manager oversees the operations for several locations, branches or sales teams in a specific region.

Traveling nurse

Traveling nurses work in short-term roles at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities around the world in order to fill in where there are shortages.

Event planner

Event planners need to travel to various locations in order to plan the perfect event for their clients.

Construction worker / Railway track laborer

Construction workers and railway track laborers go where the work is. They work on location until the project is done and then move on to the next location.


Auditors work in various industries and travel all over to audit different companies.

Traveling sales rep

Traveling sales rep sell products by traveling to various locations, typically within a regional area.

Midwife / Doula

These service providers travel to the homes of their patients, typically within their regional areas.

Sports coach / Referee

These professionals go wherever the game is scheduled to be.

Agricultural field inspector

Field agents travel to various locations within their state to make sure agricultural products and practices comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Local Travel Required Jobs

Travel agent

Travel agents often visit many of the destinations they sell to their clients. This allows them to provide specialized input because of their personal experience.

Freelance bartender

Freelance bartenders travel to various private events that want to include an open or cash bar.

Tour guide

Tour guides get to show people around highly sought after travel destinations.

HVAC technician

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians need to travel and provide service to commercial and residential buildings.

Plumber / Electrician

Plumbers and electricians also need to travel to commercial and residential buildings to provide their services.

Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Fitness instructors and personal trainers often travel to various locations to instruct personal clients.

Food truck staff / Street vendors

Street vendors and food truck staff go where the people are, often traveling to various locations depending on events and seasons.

Taxi driver / Uber / Lyft / Chauffeur

Personal drivers drive all over their metropolitan locations. 

Bus driver

Bus drivers also drive all over their metropolitan locations.

Freelance housekeeper / Airbnb cleaner

Freelance housekeepers travel to various commercial and residential locations providing their cleaning services. 

Freelance bookkeeper

Freelance bookkeepers provide their services to companies in various locations.

Covid-19 tester

According to the CDC, Covid will be lingering with us for a while. As a result, there will be an ongoing need of Covid testers who can travel to various testing locations to perform their duties.

Carpenter / Painter

These service providers travel to commercial and residential buildings to carry out their responsibilities.

Gardener / Landscaper

These lawn care professionals travel to various commercial and residential locations to provide their services.


Locksmiths travel to various locations within their cities helping people with their lock dilemmas. 


A mobile notary public travels from location to location to perform document signings.

Scuba diving instructor

While scuba instructors can work in different parts of the world, they usually only work in one geographical location. Scuba diving instructors get to visit various locations in the ocean to conduct their scuba classes. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many jobs that allow you to travel quite a bit. Whether you’re looking to just break up the monotony or you’re looking for some adventure, you can find it in our list. Did we leave any jobs out? Let us know in the comments below.

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